Democracy is vital. Every vote, every voice matters. The 2020 U.S. Presidential election is a historic moment for the United States, for the world, and for democracy itself. The 2020 election represents a choice between stark contrasts. The integrity of this election is every bit as important as the election itself.

Check your vote is a resource developed by an independant team of researchers. In the contested battleground state of Michigan, preliminary analysis has already detected thousands of people who have cast a ballot despite being deceased. Click the map to the right to start checking your vote!


We are an independent research team consisting of people who became concerned about our democratic process after noticing some irregularities in the 2020 election. Our goal is to work together to ensure the integrity of the election.

Reaching out to us is possible via [email]

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Our findings so far can be found below. We will continue to provide updates on any anomalies we find in the available election data.

Deceased Voters by Obituaries Missing Ballots by Party Ballots mailed to P.O. Boxes Ballots with impossible Dates Voters above the age of 113
Deceased Voters by Obituaries Ballots with impossible Dates Ballots mailed to P.O. Boxes Voters above the age of 114


Currently, we are limited by the amount of publicly available data. To continue our analysis of the current election we need your help! We hope you would consider supporting us through our crowdfunding campaign:

With your contribution we can:

  • Acquire more data for our analysis
  • Futher develop our tools to do more data analysis
  • Perform identity and background checks on suspicious voters

All new findings will be published here and we will try to get the information under the right eyes.